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There could be a lot of reasons players as famous as the Buccaneers’ Jameis Winston seem so far separated from the fans who cheer them on.

It’s not just a phenomenon encountered by the Buccaneers famous, but by every celebrity from pop to sports to music to politics.

If you are one of the elite, then you look as alien to the ‘normal’ people as any antagonist in a Sigourney Weaver or Will Smith film.

For these reasons, it’s hard sometimes to remember these stars came from very real backgrounds.

On the Tampa Bay Buccaneers website right now, there’s a feature video titled, “Back to Bessemer with Jameis Winston”.

In it, the Heisman winning, first overall selected, franchise leading, controversy stirring young man takes viewers through a small tour of where he’s from and what he’s trying to do with his relatively new fortune and place in life.

See, even though he was famous long before he embodied the hopes and dreams of Bucs fans everywhere, he didn’t have the resources and freedom to do what he’s doing now.

This short documentary style video could easily have turned into a shameless plug for Winston’s Dream Forever Foundation and his camp held in his home town. It didn’t though.

Sure, you see the T-shirts, and yes he mentions it. Of course he does, because it’s part of his overall mission.

In his words, Winston says in the video,

Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston (3) poses for a photo with a fan during his team’s training camp. (Photo Credit: Buccaneers.com)

“These kids are our youth. My passion is kids. So, anyway that I can come back and impact those kids in a positive way to hopefully – want those kids to do bigger and better things than myself and other leaders in this community. I think that would be the ultimate goal.”

Winston has had some turmoil in his life, and it would be very easy for a person who has undergone the scrutiny he has to take his check and surround himself with only the most loyal of loyal.

Instead, he’s out in the community trying to make things better in the best way he knows how. By using his celebrity earned on the football field, Winston is expanding his leadership influence to the future of us all, the kids.

Clinton McDonald said,

“He’s very mature at a young age, you know, he’s very active in the community. Jameis Winston has been a great inspiration for a guy like myself.”

Buccaneers fans have mostly embraced this young leader as the face of their franchise. Despite those who continue to doubt his motivations or true morals, he consistently displays a humility and drive to inspire others we just don’t see often enough anymore.

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