Bruce Arians released his new book this past Tuesday.  It is called The Quarterback Whisperer:  How to Build an Elite NFL Quarterback.  It gives insight on Arians and his approach to dealing with the quarterback position.  In case you forgot, Arians has worked with some of the game’s top signal callers.  In addition to Carson Palmer, Arians has coached Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, and also Peyton Manning.

Bruce Arians’ New Book The Quarterback Whisperer

One of the more interesting facts about Arians, is the fact that a bartending job he had in his younger years had helped him get a read on people.  “You get to listed and learn a lot about people, by being behind that bar and listen to all those stories, and you get a good read on people…who’s telling the truth and who’s not,” Arians said in a recent interview. He believes that you have to have a great relationship with the quarterback, as well as the veterans on the team.  “There needs to be a trust factor there,” as he likes to bounce football related ideas off the veterans.

In The Quarterback Whisperer, Arians also talks about how he approaches the game, more specifically, how he selects certain plays.  He also discusses his affinity for virtual reality training, and how it has helped Carson Palmer.  The league as a whole is catching on to VR, as 15 teams are currently using it.  He believes that every team will be using VR training in the next few years.

The book also offers some personal stories, like the time Arians drank paint…..twice, and he talks about the relationship he had with his father.

Arians also revealed that he found out he had kidney cancer toward the end of the 2016 season.  He found out in December, and decided to coach the remainder of the season.  In the off-season, Arians had surgery to remove a part of his kidney.

That is some scary stuff!

PFT Live Podcast

Mike Florio had a nice interview with Arians on the PFT Live Podcast.  You can take a listen here.  Mike asked Arians about his perfect “Frankenstein QB,” and Arians would take Peyton Manning’s brain, Ben Roethlisberger’s heart, Andrew Luck’s athleticism, and Carson Palmer’s deep ball.

THAT would be a BEAST!

The Cardinals are looking for a bounce back season after last season’s 7-8-1 record.