In a dazzling display, the Cleveland Browns managed to score their first decisive victory on field this season! Okay, so technically the Browns didn’t take the field, so it’s kind of an “Off the field?” victory? Okay, so technically, it’s not a “victory” so much as an “It fell the Browns way this Sunday.”?

Let me explain.

The Browns, along with the Tennessee Titans didn’t take the field this week, as it was their bye week. Normally this is just a week of rest that allows a club to renew, and a nail biting frustration for the fans of said club while they wait two weeks to see their team play again. But for Cleveland Football, this means that for the first week since the beginning of the season, the Cleveland Browns have not lost on a Sunday and/or a Thursday. That’s one week without a loss in 13 weeks.


Not losing is a win! In the immortal words of The Simpsons. “The best two words in the English language: DE FAULT! DE FAULT! DE FAULT!!”

As if this wasn’t good enough news The Philadelphia Eagles, whom the Browns have a 2017 first round pick pending from a trade last year for QB Carson Wentz, lost. That means that not only have the Browns gone a week without losing, their stock actually increased. At this point the Eagles cant win enough to move out of the #15 draft pick, and are positioned with their rookie QB to earn as high as a #5 pick.

So, take ’em where you can get ’em. Rally around and Believe, ‘land. A rebuild is just that: A tearing down and building back up. Destruction and creation are the same energy manifesting in different directions. You have to rip a board from a tree to make a usable piece of material, and so shall a rebuild from the ground floor up in a football team go. They must start from scratch, build the tools, extract the materials that work, hone them, and only then will they begin to produce results.

It is hard to swallow, but this is the generation of football fans that must pay for the years and years and years (ad nauseam) of dominating success this once venerated club exhibited. As historically bad as this Browns organization has become, is as historically amazing as it once was. The Browns once beat the Eagles without ever throwing a pass, simply because the Eagles manager made fun of them for winning with so many throws the year before (Otto Graham had obliterated the two time defending champion Eagles on the Browns Maiden Voyage out of the All-America Football Conference, for 346 yards and three TD’s. The Eagles were understandably salty.)

But, the pendulum always swings back. So it has been before, and so it shall be again. The ebb always has the flow. The waning always has a waxing. And no football club can be bad forever.

I’m looking at you Pittsburgh.