The Denver Broncos are trying to get back to the top of the AFC West, but an altercation months back involving Cody Latimer has them doing damage control.

TMZ acquired a video of Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer being pepper sprayed in an altercation with a strip club bouncer.

According to reports, Latimer and his group which included his uncle and a friend, got into a disagreement about the dress code. Latimer got in an argument with a man identified as a bouncer for Diamonds Cabaret in Latimer’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio.

Latimer asked to speak to the manager and the group moved outside, which is where the video takes over.

In the video, Latimer has his arms out and is between his group and the bouncer.

The video then shows Latimer slaping the bouncer, who then pepper sprays Cody. Latimer’s uncle then lunges at the bouncer and is knocked to the ground.

TMZ also reports Latimer’s group left immediately after the fight and the police were never called. Law enforcement sources tell us there’s no pending criminal investigation.

Latimer told reporters he was involved in the scuffle, but was trying to calm things down.

Whether Latimer is disciplined by the team or NFL regarding the altercation remains to be seen.

Latimer’s Off the Field Issues

This isn’t the first time Latimer has had his name in the news for off-the-field issues.

In June of 2016, Latimer’s girlfriend admitted to police that she slapped him in the face during a domestic incident.

According to Jeremy Jojola of KUSA, the police report said 25-year-old Jaimee Rando and Latimer got into a “verbal argument” and she slapped him.

Despite the incident involving his girlfriend  ,Latimer was back in time for training camp. The Broncos expect the same in 2017. In three NFL seasons Latimer has 16 catches for 158 yards and one touchdown.

Prior to the incident in June with his girlfriend, Latimer was arrested for failing to pay a ticket.

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