To follow up on a story that I wrote a few weeks ago about Brian Urlacher and his road to the Hall of Fame, it has been discovered that he is now a finalist for entry into the Hall. What does this mean, and does he face an uphill battle to get in?

Following an illustrious and well-known career, Brian Urlacher is poised to earn the NFL’s top honor, having his bust in the NFL’s Hall of Fame. It’s easy to see why Urlacher could and should be voted into the Hall of Fame. He’s one of the best linebackers to ever play the game and is one of the greatest defenders of all time. You would think that his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame would easy.

But there is always a catch.

After reading some news reports and listening to experts on the radio, I have discovered that there is somewhat of an unspoken rule in Hall of Fame voting. To explain this, we must look at the one of the other finalists that are being considered, Ray Lewis.

Lewis is another linebacker vying for a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year. Both had similar careers, but there are some that say that Lewis’ was better than Urlacher’s. Lewis won a Super Bowl while Urlacher couldn’t quite get a win. That, among other things, make some people believe that Lewis was better.

What you would think is that if the people who vote on the entrants into the Hall of Fame would be excited to have two of the best linebackers in NFL history enter the Hall in the same class. But that may not be the case. Some experts feel that the voters will not vote two players at the same position in the same Hall of Fame class. Both Urlacher and Lewis were middle linebackers. Maybe the voters think it would be too much to have to players at the same position enter the Hall in the same year?

If it comes down to Urlacher or Lewis, who should get the vote? We all know who we would like to see enter the Hall but it’s up to the voters now. They are the ones who will decide if Urlacher enters the Hall this year or will have to wait. Every single Bears fan would love to see him get in and have another Chicago Bears’ player in the Hall of Fame. The Bears would continue to be the team with the most Hall of Fame members. Also, after a few seasons of misery, it would be great to see a Chicago Bears’ player get into the Hall to boost fan morale.

Urlacher deserves to be a first-ballot Hall of Fame player there is no doubt. His career was good enough to warrant that. Lewis was good too, don’t get me wrong but Urlacher did a lot to make the Bears’ defense what it was. He played well, and he didn’t do it with a lot of jabbering or making a spectacle of himself. Urlacher did it in a quiet workman-like manner. He was a leader on those Bears’ teams and helped make Lovie Smith’s defense one of the NFL’s best for a time.

Urlacher deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and he should go into it in his first year of eligibility.

Bears’ fans will be watching closely to see what happens to Urlacher and his Hall of Fame bid. The Hall of Fame class will be announced at the NFL Honors the night before the Super Bowl. Let’s hope that we get to hear the name “Brian Urlacher” mentioned with the other Hall of Fame players when they are announced that evening. It would put a bright light on an otherwise dismal last few Bears’ seasons.

Hopefully, he is not denied.