One of the fun features I remember doing a couple of years ago in the preseason was to look at who players embrace from the other team following the conclusion of the game. Then, you try to look for a connection as to why those players decided to seek each other out and share a few words with each other. Preseason telecasts tend to stay with the post-game action a little longer, so let’s see what WEWS captured for the Cleveland Browns vs. New Orleans Saints:
QB DeShone Kizer & LB Manti T’eo
At the focal point of the screenshot below, QB DeShone Kizer is talking with LB Manti Te’o. Both of them played for Notre Dame. The two of them never played on the same team — Te’o entered the NFL in 2013, and Kizer’s first year at Notre Dame was in 2014.
Also making a guest appearance in this photo in the bottom left corner is TE Randall Telfer.


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