This is the 125th year of Alabama Crimson Tide football. Very few schools can boast a winning record against ‘Bama or have a winning streak against the Tide. However, those very few schools on the list must suffer the wrath of Dark Lord Saban in order for any of us to fully sleep well again.
In our previous installment of Best Served Cold, we talked about the end of the Georgia Tech rivalry, the galling last second lost to Clemson, Doug Flutie’s monster game against the Tide and others. You should check that out if you’ve not done so. It was supposed to just be a week, but we got caught up with SEC media days, season planning, vacations, real world and so forth.
As for why we do this? It is Alabama’s 125th Anniversary. And, like all anniversaries, you have to take the pain with the joy: nothing is entirely good in this ephemeral world.


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