There have been times in the past couple of years where both the Bengals and Steelers had high-powered offenses all year and then struggled to score on each other.
It’s still yet to be seen whether or not that is how the game will work out on Sunday. The thing that I want most of all in this game, other than a Bengals win of course, is for both teams to play clean and come away with no injuries or as few as possible.
So, how does Madden predict this game will play out? Let’s take to our Week 6 Bengals vs. Steelers game simulation to find out.
The Bengals start off with the ball and get a good drive going, but they end up stalling out around the fifty. Then the Steelers and the Bengals each alternate going three and out until the Bengals get the ball back with around two minutes left in the first.


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