Since 2011, the Cincinnati Bengals have made an organizational refocus by placing much of their roster-building plans in the NFL Draft. While they have netted a number of Pro Bowl players in the past seven offseasons, there have also been some major misses.
Now, that comes with the territory for any pro team, as the draft is a bit of a crap shoot. However, the Bengals have traditionally seemed to take far more stock in April than they do in March’s free agency period. The question is if those returns are worth their oft-inactivity.
For those who highly-value Pro Football Focus’ metrics, this Bengals’ strategy hasn’t necessarily paid off in spades—at least not recently. PFF recently noted that the Bengals rank 23rd in the NFL in “WAR”, or “Wins Above Replacement”, since their 2013 draft class until the present.


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