When the Bengals practiced today, they did so without a familiar face. Coach Marvin Lewis had to miss practice, as the team’s medical staff took Lewis to the hospital. According to Pro Football Talk, his ankle swelled to twice its size due to a Baker’s Cyst. Lewis will rest while taking medications until the swelling stops.

In a released statement, the Bengals said, “Coach Marvin Lewis will be taking time away from the team to focus on a minor health issue. He will be back as soon as possible, which could be today or later this week. Special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons will lead the team during Coach Lewis’ absence.”

Here’s hoping Lewis makes a full recovery quickly.

Bengals release depth chart

On Tuesday, the Bengals released their first depth chart of the season. With it being the preseason, it gives you an idea of who will play when as the Bengals have their first preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Friday night.

Of note is Joe Mixon, who isn’t even in the Top 3 for running backs. If the season started today, it would be Jeremy Hill in the starting position, followed by Giovani Bernard and Cedric Peerman. Mixon heads up the other column. And while this might cause some ire among Bengals faithful, it’s important to note Mixon will have his opportunities. If he capitalizes on them, it’s going to be hard keeping him off the field, though the Bengals do have a history of waiting to play talented rookies–see Corey Dillon. Let’s hope if Mixon does excel they don’t repeat history.