Not much was made about CJ Beathard when he was drafted in the third round. Everyone thought that the former Hawkeye was a mistake and that Shanahan was going crazy.

If anything, this first preseason game against the Chiefs proved some doubters wrong.

The Iowa product came in the second half and showed that he can play in the league. He looked poised, knew where to put the ball and drive it, and got points on the board for the 49ers.

It shows that Shanahan was right about Beathard and that he is a good fit for his system.

Could Beathard take over as the quarterback in the future?

As of now, the third-rounder has a chance at jumping Matt Barkley for the backup quarterback role. Barkley did play well on Friday. However, Beathard was the only quarterback that got a touchdown.

With the expectation that Brian Hoyer might not be able to finish this season without getting benched and the unlikelihood of Barkley taking the 49ers anywhere, what would stop the coaches from putting in Beathard?

It’s not likely that the Iowa product will be San Francisco’s quarterback in 2018 with the assumption that Kirk Cousins will return to Shanahan. But, don’t rule him out for starting a few games for the 49ers this regular season. Especially with the way, most expect the season to go for the 49ers.

It was a good game for the 23-year-old. Now let’s see if he can do the same against Denver.