Perhaps it’s the fact that my husband played high school football with Bowman, or perhaps it’s the fact that I know his high school coach on a personal level, but when Bowman turned out two interceptions — one for a touchdown — against the Cleveland Browns Sunday, I was excited, hoping the rest of the world had now hopped on the Zack Bowman Bandwagon.

The first pick Bowman had Sunday was on a Jason Campbell pass intended for tight end Jordan Cameron. He had zero return on the pick, but his second interception made up for that. During the Brown’s first drive of the second half, Campbell was looking for receiver Greg Little, when Bowman made his move and returned the pick 43 years for a touchdown that put the Bears up 17-10.

In his six years in the NFL, Bowman has bounced around, not really making himself a well-known part of a defense until this year. He was drafted in the fifth round of the 2008 Draft by the Chicago Bears, where he spent five seasons. After being released by the Bears, he was picked up by the Vikings but was soon dropped again after just a few months in Minnesota. The Bears scooped up the corner again, and it’s been in this season in Chicago that Bowman is finally making his presence known.

Before Sunday’s game, Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker set goals for the defense, which included holding Cleveland to under 100 yards on the ground, 17 points or fewer and forced turnovers.

The final score of the game had the Bears on top 38-31, so one of Tucker’s goals wasn’t met there, but thanks, in part, to Bowman, the Bears had takeaways, and the defense up-front allowed just 93 rushing yards out of the Browns.

“It feels good, actually,” Bowman said after the game. “Obviously, there are things we’ve got to do better, but after the game, nobody was talking about it. We got the win.”

Helping to make Bowman a household name: Tim Jennings. Jennings held Josh Gordon to just three passes Sunday, and in Week 14, he held Dallas’ Dez Bryant to the same. The cornerback duo has really sparked the Chicago D.

His pick-six marked the sixth touchdown scored by the Bears’ defense this season. The team has won 12 consecutive games in which they’ve score don defnese, and they’re 26-2 since 20056 in games they score a defensive touchdown.

“When we score on defense, we win games,” Bowman said Sunday.

Again, I’m not a Bears fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I like Bowman, and I like the secondary they’re sporting in Chicago. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen his high school highlight films, or maybe it’s because our secondary in Green Bay is extremely streaky, but whatever it may be, I’m part of the Zack Bowman fan club, and I’m anxious to see what this career-making season is going to mean for his future in the league.