According to reports, college football ticket sales decreased by the largest amount in 30 years in 2017. The story goes on to say that across the NCAA, sales have dropped 3.2%. But interestingly enough, Boston College is on the other side of the equation, as their ticket sales actually increased over 2016.

As you can see by the above graphic, BC is 11th in the country in increase, a 3,767 increase (1.1%). Now some of that may be due to the fact that BC was playing pretty well this year (every team with an increase other than Akron was on an upswing last year), some could be attributed to some new amenities (beer!), but overall the home schedule was much more marketable this past season.
In 2016 you had home games against Wagner, UConn, and Buffalo with some lukewarm home games against Syracuse, and Louisville who ran a buzzsaw through the school.


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