It’s June, people. Don’t start boarding the Kenny Britt bandwagon until at least the start of preseason.

Let’s not forget that Kenny Britt is, well, Kenny Britt; the guy who has had nine recorded run-ins with the police, a freshly filed civil lawsuit against him (for a 2010 incident) and a leading role in the ever-famous movie, “Kenny Britt has sex with his girlfriend while recording an Instagram video.”

Not to mention the lackluster career. In his five years as an NFL receiver, Britt has only gotten more than 700 receiving yards twice. Britt spread 974 receiving yards over the previous three seasons, his most stunning production coming in the 2013 season.

The season where he caught 11 passes for 96 yards. I think I already see people getting off the bandwagon.

Although I am not the biggest fan of this signing, I do trust in the work of General Manager Les Snead and Head Coach Jeff Fisher. If they think Britt can bring some good production to the table, I am convinced enough by the two-man tandem to allow Britt a seat.

But he better prove what he has when the real practices get underway in August, when training camp starts, because what he’s doing right now is just knocking the rust off and learning the new offense.

From what I have read, Britt is already making an impact on the team. Not only is he catching the ball well but he’s letting people know it, verbally (trash talk) and physically (scuffles).

Two years ago, I would have been against that kind of behavior in practice. But seeing how the NFC West has now become arguably the toughest division in the league with even tougher secondary players (see Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson), Britt needs to get as tough as he can. If he keeps his current pace of practice production, he will more than likely be the deep ball guy.

It’s not like he has much competition for the deep ball role. Chris Givens is coming off a poor sophomore slump, Brian Quick has yet to prove anything and Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey and the rookies will be playing the slot. If you asked yourself, ‘What about Austin Pettis,’ he’s so far in the background he’s catching passes in the stands.

I hate to be harsh but Pettis has been on the Rams for three years and has never started more than six games or caught more than 400 receiving yards in a season.

As it currently stands, the contract Britt has with the team is strictly a “prove it” contract. He has one year to show the Rams that he’s worthy of a bigger, longer contract, which is lucky for Britt because his proving season also aligns with quarterback Sam Bradford’s.

Bradford’s prove it season was supposed to be last year, but due to an ACL injury in Week Six, his season was put on hold. They may not realize it or even care to admit it, but Britt and Bradford are relying on each other, badly.

Bradford’s future in St. Louis isn’t very bright if he continues to move the ball yard-by-yard down the field with quick passes and Britt won’t make it to the trade deadline if the ball isn’t coming his way. Snead and Fisher did an excellent job shoring up protection for Bradford through the draft this year and with Rodger Saffold coming back, along with a few veterans expected to be back as well, Bradford will have more time to look for Britt down the field, which shouldn’t be too hard for him.

The upside of Britt is that he’s only 25 and he is still in the prime of his speed, strength and overall athleticism. Not to mention he has always had great hands. If he can behave and resist the urge to shoot another short video, I think Britt can help save this Rams’ offense haul them out of the basement and into a playoff spot.

But for now, fans should wait to board the bandwagon. With the way Britt is performing in practice, the bandwagon will still be there in August.