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Day 6

The Return of the McKin

The first round pick for the Atlanta Falcons has finally hit the field. Takkarist McKinley returned to field action on Day 6 of training camp.

To put that in respective, reports no more than two weeks ago had McKinley returning to practice by Week 3 of the preseason. Some reports had him returning as late as the regular season.

It is major news because it means there is the possibility fans might get to see the rookie defensive end play in the first preseason game against the Miami Dolphins.

At UCLA, McKinley made 16 sacks, 99 total tackles, and had six forced fumbles in his three years. It is expected he will start on the opposite edge of Vic Beasley.

I want Holyfield!

Training camp has been known for attracting celebrities. On Day 6, former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield was in attendance. The retired boxer broke down the team after practice, offering words of motivation and experience.

No word yet if he wants to take on any Falcons players in the ring since he has not fought since 2011. Not to speculate, but Jack Crawford’s six-foot-five frame and toughness would make for an interesting match-up.

Day off helped team get up to speed… literally.

One of the more interesting areas of progress on Day 6 was the team’s speed of play.

The training wheels were off as Dan Quinn acknowledged the team’s quickened pace.

“We loved the speed of the guys today and the situations that we did.” -Dan Quinn

A good way to avoid a Super Bowl hangover is to not slow down at all. It appears the Falcons are “all systems go” going forward into camp. This shows how important a day off from work can be.

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