Here is a list of players and their numbers to watch for in the preseason game against the Miami Dolphins on August 10.

Plenty of new faces are dawning red and black this season, and between rookies and free agent signees, Preseason Week 1 will be exciting to watch. Here are the players to watch for, listed in numerical order:

No. 4 Alek Torgersen, Quarterback (Projected play: Fourth Quarter or Not at all)

Alek Torgersen is listed as the fourth string quarterback on most projected depth charts, so there is a good chance he does not see the field.

If he does, watch out for the former Penn quarterback to play hard for recognition.

No. 27 Damontae Kazee, Safety (Projected play: Second half)

One of the more interesting rookies, Damontae Kazee played cornerback in college. His move to safety may add an already difficult transition to the pros.

With the secondary in question due to Jalen Collins’ 10-game suspension.

No. 38 Brian Hill, Runningback (Projected play: First half)

A bruiser, Brian hill has had plenty of touches on training camp. Fans should hope they do not use him too much, but get a good enough taste of what is to come from their third string back.

No. 39 Tyler Renew, Halfback (Projected play: Any time)

A future clouded, Tyler Renew will make an interesting case to make the 53-man roster. His versatility in the backfield and a potential for playing fullback could steal a spot from a veteran like…

No. 40 Derrick Coleman, Fullback (Projected play: First quarter)

Coleman has missed a year of football due to legal trouble. He will now try to claim his projected starter spot at fullback, but with young talent like Renew, there are no guarantees.

No. 41 Quincy Mauger, Safety (Projected play: Second half)

Undrafted, Quincy Mauger does not have a ton of competition. He could be the back-up safety heading into Week 1. He still has to perform well and earn it.

No. 42 Duke Riley, Linebacker (Projected play: Second and Third quarter)

Duke Riley is projected to join former LSU teammate Deion Jones in the linebacker corps. But the rookie may get more action than other potential starters.

Watch him all over the field Thursday and expect plenty of tackles.

No. 64 Sean Harlow, Guard (Projected play: Quarters two through four)

When you look for Sean Harlow, the only thing fans can hope for is no mistakes. If he can hold his weight for his playing time, he could make a run for a starting job.

No. 92 Dontari Poe, Defensive Tackle (Projected play: Maybe the opening drive)

The biggest free agent signing for the Falcons was Dontari Poe. The large nose tackle will be part of a crowded defensive line, but one that could use him.

If he plays at all, watch to see how he meshes with a 4-3 line compared to the 3-4 he played in Kansas City.

No. 98 Takkarist McKinley, Defensive End (Projected play: Unknown)

No word yet if Takkarist McKinley will play Thursday, but watch for No. 98 on sidelines if he does not. It will be interesting to see how his vibrant personality resonates with the defense.

If he does play, watch out Matt Moore and company. McKinley will be coming off surgery and ready to go.

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