Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank believes in his team. As he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he believes in his team from top to bottom.

“I love our head coach,” Blank said, who had purchased the Falcons in 2002. He continues to show his support for his entire organization. “I love our general manager. I love our coaches, coordinators and whole personnel department.”

The dance-crazed owner is still confident in his team despite them having a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl and collapsed in the second half. Their productive offense should not be left unnoticed. After drafting defensive end Takkarist McKinley and signing defensive tackle Dontari Poe, the defense appears better than last season.

Blank has an eye on the present and the future. “I look forward to this year and many years to come. It’s not about a one-trick pony or one-year wonder. It’s about creating a sustainably winning organization. And we’ve done that.”

One-trick ponies are more common than any owner would admit.

The problem with one-hit wonders: they are unaware they are one-hit wonders in the first place. One-hit wonder song writers keep producing their work, and no matter what, still look at life as a success for their single hit. The same applies for NFL teams.

For example, the Baltimore Ravens still have the mindset they are a successful team even though after their Super Bowl victory in 2013, their roster imploded. They made quarterback Joe Flacco the highest-paid man in football, self-imploding their roster by cutting players who helped them win. The organization would never admit they were a one trick pony.

No doubt the NFL is challenging. Building a team and keeping the team is difficult. If the Falcons want to avoid being one-year wonders, they will need to make smart signings and re-signings. Be smart with the salary cap and not allow a few players dictate them financially.

The Falcons have proven to draft well and Blank knocked the ball out of the park by hiring Head Coach Dan Quinn. Success following a great season is more than “staying the course” but being willing to make moves to stay on top while always building depth across the roster.

Blank has done a tremendous job, and although the season ended in disappointing fashion, his high hopes are not erroneous. If the Falcons perform as well as they did last season, if not better, they will find themselves in the hunt for a playoff run once again.

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