With the NFL season fast approaching and the Dallas Cowboys getting ready for their first game in just 21 days, ESPN Analysts made their Most Valuable Player for each division. Given that Ezekiel Elliott was the rushing champion in his rookie year and Dak Prescott was named the Pepsi Offensive Rookie of the Year, it should come as a shock to no one that the Cowboys would be well represented in this list. Not to mention that Prescott also won an ESPY for Best Breakout Athlete for his 2016 campaign.

Three of the four analyst agree the MVP of the NFC East will be a Dallas Cowboy, just not Dak Prescott. Ezekiel Elliott takes the nod from Todd Archer (Cowboys), Jordan Raanan (Giants) and Tim McManus (Eagles). The lone wolf being Washington reporter John Keim going with Giants’ safety Landon Collins. Elliott is poised for an even more impressive performance as a sophomore.

“He can make the big plays. He can make the dirty plays. He can rip the heart out of a defense with a 60-yard touchdown. He can grind them to bits with 2- and 3-yard runs. The Cowboys want to play a certain way that fits with Elliott. The division has many possibilities and there are plenty of candidates on the Cowboys, but Elliott will make the engine go.” – Todd Archer on Elliott 

With how the Dallas Cowboys are set up offensively, Elliott makes a ton of sense. At times we can get lost in who is putting up the big, sexy numbers. The key term here being “value.” What Elliott does for the offense brings more value. He wears down a defense to the point that he makes these big runs. What Zeke does best is a mental beating more than physical.

Yes, he will pound you physically but Elliott is methodical. Setting plays up with his physicality and following up with his athleticism. For that alone, Elliott would receiver my vote for the NFC East MVP.