I split this post in to separate offense and defense posts due to my apparent fascination with the Titans offensive gameplan leading to an abnormally long review of the offense which you can check out here.
This was a game that featured a lot of big plays, both positive and negative, on both sides of the ball. The offense largely played well, but two bad mistakes cost them 14 points. Similarly, the defense largely played well, but two bad mistakes gave the Bengals 14 points. We will look at those two big plays that the Titans gave up, but the story of the Titans defense in Week 10 was their 3rd down dominance. The Bengals were just 1 for 10 on 3rd downs as the Titans defense consistently got off the field when given the opportunity.
This isn’t necessarily a surprise as the Bengals are 2nd worst in the NFL on 3rd downs, converting at a 31.1% clip.


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