The Philadelphia Eagles running game has not been as stellar as it once used to be.

At one time, the team had All-Pro LeSean McCoy. They had lead back one of the best offenses in the league. That was over three years ago.

Now, the Eagles have an aging Ryan Mathews as the feature back, Darren Sproles, who will be retiring after the 2017 season and a bunch of rookies who aren’t quite ready to make their mark.

The Eagles need a feature running back and badly. Being one of their main priorities this offseason, the Eagles are looking at either the draft or free agency to fulfill this need. The draft is loaded with running back talent, but that shouldn’t limit how the Eagles acquire a running back.

Adrian Peterson is still a free agent on the market. He has been rumored to be asking for an $8 million contract. However at this point in free agency, “All-Day” is running out of days and options.

If the Eagles decide to pursue Peterson, the most that he should be given is a one year $4 million contract. He has shown this offseason that he is still agile and capable of being the athlete that he is. Peterson posted on Twitter one of his workouts where he was the best competitor out of the entire group (he was the only one older than 24!)

Peterson looks to be in great shape for his age (32). However, 2017 is probably the back’s final year in the NFL. The Eagles should only take a chance on Peterson if the team does not acquire a running back. Names like Christian McCaffrey, Joe Mixon and Dalvin Cook have all been mocked to the Eagles at some point.


Peterson will more than likely not get possible contracts until after the 2017 NFL Draft. Because of this, if the Eagles do not acquire a Top-5 running back in the draft then they should take a look at adding Peterson (but only if the money is right, Howie).