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What does the future hold for Mike Smith?

Mike Smith has been under duress all season long. (Credit:


I’m not sure how low things can go in Atlanta. It could be next week, if they were the first team to lose to Tampa Bay all season. I’ve always considered myself a very passionate fan that is usually energetic for every game. This was the first time in about six years, where I coasted through the game. There was no real emotion coming out of my heart besides one play from Jonathan Babineaux, who made a tackle for a five-yard loss.

Other than that, the game couldn’t have been more one-sided. Atlanta’s secondary was allowing a bunch of role players to catch the ball almost at will. Golden Tate can be explosive, but he’s not a number one receiver. He made Asante Samuel look old out there yesterday. Once again, this was a game where the Falcons defense needed to make plays and take charge. There wasn’t even an inkling of that.

Seattle was vulnerable coming off two wins against non-playoff teams in St. Louis and Tampa Bay. The offensive line had three backups playing and they were still without Percy Harvin, yet Russell Wilson had a field day against Atlanta. It’s hard to swallow that the Falcons are legitimately one of the worst teams in football. I’m not going to break down this game, because it was completely one-sided and nobody played well.

What’s there exactly to point out? The rookie cornerbacks are going to have rough days and this was one of them. The offensive line still remains to be horrendous and Peter Konz might be playing himself out of a job. After being expected to be an anchor on the offensive line, he’s proven nothing more than being a liability. Nothing positive came out of this game; its time to look towards the future.

Mike Smith’s job security

I’ve always been a firm believer in Mike Smith. He’s always someone that made sure his team was discipline and always came ready to play. You rarely saw Atlanta get blown out, unless it was against a Super Bowl championship team in the playoffs like we saw against Green Bay and New York. It has to be alarming for all Falcon fans to see three straight blowout defeats. When did this team turn into the Jacksonville Jaguars? You’re telling me that this team can’t compete on a weekly basis, after expecting to be one of the top contenders in the NFC. Sure the injuries have piled up, but it’s not supposed to be this bad.

Some people believe that Smith’s decision making has been deplorable, while others believe that he has lost the locker room. We haven’t seen players turn on each other, so I don’t see how anyone can make a statement like that. What we’ve seen is players make the same countless mistakes.

As well as the rookie corners have played, they have the habit of not turning their head around to make a play on the ball. The same can be said for veteran safety Thomas DeCoud, who could be another player that can be replaced shockingly enough. He may have been a Pro Bowler in 2012, but his play has dropped off dramatically this year. In 2012, he was flying around the secondary and making big plays on a weekly basis. Now he can’t turn his head in time knowing that the player he was covering was already in the end zone. His cover awareness has been poor all season long

How can a team evolve when players are making the same mistake? Does this fall on coaching or is the personnel simply not developing? It could also fall on certain players’ performance declining such as Samuel. It would be harsh to fire Smith, but if the team continues to get blown out like this on a consistent basis. You don’t have much of a choice, especially with the possibility of Jon Gruden interested in coaching Atlanta. Smith needs to get his players together and start winning a few games, along with keeping games competitive to the end. If not, he could very well be given his walking papers.

A loss to Tampa Bay would be another huge blow into Smith’s possibility of returning. The fan base is starting to turn on him, despite leading Atlanta to five straight winning seasons. That seems like a distant memory in the mind of fans. Sports will always be about a “what are you doing for me now” type of situation. A team with Super Bowl aspirations now being blown out three straight weeks in a row causes concern for almost everyone’s jobs. It starts with Smith and we could possibly see the firing of Smith, if there isn’t any sign of improvement.

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Seth Keysor
Nov 11 2013 06:02 AM

At a certain point I can understand the question being asked.  Atlanta seems to have taken a gigantic step backward, and that can't ALL be put at the feet of losing Julio and Roddy, can it?

And Steven Jackson.  Atlanta lost their running back, then they lost their top two receivers, Gonzales is "finally" not the player he has been.  A lot of things have gone wrong for Atlanta all at once.

Anthony Rizzuti
Nov 11 2013 09:18 AM

Never was a fan of Mike Smith. Word is Gruden may be a candidate if the job opens up.

Not a fan of a coach, who is now 59-31? That's silly, record speaks for itself. 


Relying on too much youth has come back to haunt them, when you look at the defense as a whole and offensive line. People can forget how crucial an offensive line is for an offense to be an efficient. They may not allow sacks, but Atlanta's offensive line is among the top five worst units in the league. 

Never was a fan of Mike Smith. Word is Gruden may be a candidate if the job opens up.


Gruden is a horrible coach.


Jon is a horrible coach.  Jay may be another matter.

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