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New Orleans Saints: An Offense in Perspective

In light of the Denver Bronco's dreadful performance against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, New Orleans Saints fans should be optimistic about their team's offense in 2014.
In light of the Seattle Seahawks dominance over the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, New Orleans Saints fans should be a bit more optimistic about their team's offense in 2014. As Dave Cariello of Canal Street Chronicles points out, the Saints fared much better against the Seahawks defense than the record-setting Bronco's offense did.

What makes it even more impressive is that while the Saints played in the windy, cold, hostile environment of CenturyLink Field, the Broncos had clear weather in a neutral stadium. Yes, the Saints were handed an embarrassing loss by Seattle when they first met earlier in the season, but in the game that really counted they showed up and put in a much more respectable effort. They ran the ball very effectively against a physical Seattle defense that completely shut down the Bronco's offense.

While the Broncos managed just 27 yards on 13 carries (excluding Peyton Manning's one run) for a meager 2.1 YPC, the Saints put up 108 yards on 26 carries, good for 4.2 YPC. Through the air, the Broncos netted 280 yards on 49 attempts (5.7 YPA), but the Saints recorded 309 yards on 43 attempts (7.2 YPA).

I'm not trying to say that the Saints will have a better offense than the Broncos in 2014, but that is definitely within the realm of possibility. The Saints run game showed significant improvement in their two playoff games, and Saints' fans should be very excited about the development of Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson. If they can continue to run the ball effectively it will make them a much more formidable opponent, especially on the road in outdoor stadiums where they have struggled in the past.

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Joshua Huffman
Feb 10 2014 03:09 AM

With Payton - Brees, the Saints will always have a headliner offense. Maybe not away from the dome...but overall, it's a very good one.

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Lucas Polglaze
Feb 10 2014 04:09 AM
Khiry is a promising youngster. But keep in mind, the Broncos had their RB go out injured during the game as well as their best run blocker.
Brian Gagnon
Feb 10 2014 10:00 PM

True, but they still just got dominated in every way possible, they looked totally unprepared for the game.

I too am really excited about Khiry, but the Saints really need to retain De la Puente or Strief, preferably the latter if you ask me.

Feb 11 2014 02:55 AM

I think this is a good point.  New Orleans was no slouch this year.  Their offense remained potent, as you noted they ran the ball well for a Sean Payton offense, and their defense improved substantially.  The Saints played some tough teams toughly this season.  


I did see Brees look human for the first time in a few years.  He played awesome for the most part, but got to wonder if we are seeing some signals that he is aging.



Brian Gagnon
Feb 11 2014 04:08 PM

Yeah, I'd like to think that most of it was due to the offensive line and we were seeing Brees playing with more concern for his safety than usual. There were problems at LT for most of the season, and even Jahri Evans was struggling for a while as he was getting over an injury.

Anthony Rizzuti
Feb 11 2014 07:02 PM

Might have been a bit foolish to think the Saints were going to be a mediocre team this year like they were in 2012. (I had them 3rd in the division during preseason.)

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