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Fantasy QB Waiver Wire Pick Ups: Week 8

This late in the Season, there are always injuries to your starting lineup, and if one of your QBs unfortunately has been a QB like Sam Bradford, Tom Brady, Brian Hoyer, Alex Smith, or Ben Roethlisberger then you are in need of a waiver wire pick up. Here are some suggestions.
There are a few QBs on the Waiver Wire that are definitely worth a look and some even a pick up. Without further ado, lets get started.

Terrelle Pryor:

Pryor, who even though does not have a very good matchup this week, is definitely worth a roster spot, especially if you are hurting for a QB. Pryor is only owned in 35% of Yahoo leagues, so chances are, he is still available in your league. He is really worth a pick up because of his ability to run the ball with his 4.35 speed, and with a really strong arm and fast WRs, he always has a chance of making a big play. Pryor is a big play waiting to happen, and if he can get into a groove, he could make some headlines moving forward. If you are in a dynasty league, he should definitely be owned because of his great potential and value in the long term.

Ryan Tannehill:

Tannehill, although not a great producer, has been consistent this year, racking up 91.08 points so thus far this season. Surprisingly, he is only owned in 22% of Yahoo leagues, but his production shows that, that percentage should be at least in the mid 50s. If Tannehill can cut down on his turnovers, then his points will see an increase. If you are in a dynasty league, then he is definitely worth an add, as he will be the Dolphins franchise QB for a while and has enough talent to turn into a Pro Bowl type QB.

Jake Locker:

Even though he has missed two weeks, Jake Locker has managed to still score 91.58 points. Locker has the ability to run and extend plays with his feet, making a candidate for passing and running yards. Locker has a strong arm and throws well on the run, which is why the Titans like him so much. He is also own an astonishly low 14% in Yahoo leagues. This is very puzzling when you see his production while he has been in. Again, if you are in a dynasty league, he is definitely worth a pick up. He could become the definite future of that franchise and become a good QB in the NFL.

Case Keenum:

Scoring 13.84 points against the Kansas City Chiefs, in Kansas City, against a defense that has given up the fewest fantasy points to QB, many would say is a very good first start of your NFL career. Passing for 271 yards and 1 TD on 15-25 passing, Keenum showed accuracy, decent efficiency, and some promise as the possible future starter of the Houston Texans. That Kubiak led offense is very suited for Keenum. Keenum is accurate with the ball and makes quick decisions which allows him to get the ball out of his hands. I know he is on a bye this week, but if you can afford to stash him for a week, I think he could come up big you later in the season, when you need a QB most. He is only own in 3% of Yahoo leagues, and should be in all dynasty leagues as well.

Mike Glennon:

Even though he has already played this week, go ahead and put in a waiver claim for this rookie, as he has passed for at least 250 yards and 1 TD in three straight weeks now. Glennon is certainly worth a pick up if you are in need of a QB down the stretch. He is only owned in 7% of Yahoo leagues, and should be available. If you are in a dynasty league, I would try and trade high right now as his stock has never been higher, as I do not see him as a long term solution in Tampa

If you are in need at QB, look to these 5 QBs, as they could help you sure up your lineup for the rest of you fantasy season, and hopefully help you make a playoff push. Good luck, and may the "odds ever be in your favor."
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Seth Keysor
Oct 26 2013 02:12 PM

I think of all these QB's Pryor might have the most long-term fantasy value.  He was very impressive against KC until the pressure finally got to him.  And he's basically doing it on his own right now.


With OAK having something like 98 billion dollars to spend this offseason, I see them getting Pryor some help and him taking off.

Seth Fisher
Oct 26 2013 02:38 PM

Yeah I would definitely agree with that. He has a laser rocket arm and and speed boosters on his feet, and he seems to be improving and understanding the game every week

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