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Fantasy Football: Tight End Half Season Rankings

Its the half way point of the season and we are breaking down the tight end position. Go over current rankings of the position.
We are officially at the half way point of fantasy football and it’s time to take a look back at the last 8 weeks. We can see where there are hits and misses when calling players for the 2013 season.

The tight end position is one that is often over looked and one this season where you could wait deep in the draft to snag some of these players. A lot of fantasy analysts were able to tell you that some of these players would be good but not as good as they have proven to be. I will lay out the top five tight ends and you will be able to see the giant jump when it comes to this position.(Stand Scoring)
  • Jimmy Graham (111)
  • Jordan Cameron (95)
  • Vernon Davis (93)
  • Julius Thomas (93)
  • Martellus Bennett (59)
So looking at the list you were able to sit back and snag Cameron and Thomas in the 8th and 9th round in most drafts. Doing this and avoiding reaching early for someone like Tony Gonzalez who has 57 points. When looking at how these players compare to the rest of NFL Cameron, Davis, and Thomas all have more points than players such as Victor Cruz, Vincent Jackson, and Arian Foster.

So enough on the past and now what to look forward when it comes to tight ends.
I will give you the 6th thru 10th tight current rankings (standard)
  • Antonio Gates (59)
  • Charles Clay (58)
  • Jason Witten (58)
  • Tony Gonzalez (57)
  • Jordan Reed (50)
Two players stand out from this list Clay and Reed as they were completely off the radar before the season began. Players like Gates, Witten, and Gonzalez are no surprise to be hanging in the top 10. Their numbers are slightly down then most projections but they are still proving to be among the top in their position.

Lastly is projected ranking amongst players. (Standard)
  • Jimmy Graham
  • Vernon Davis
  • Julius Thomas
  • Jordan Cameron
  • Jason Witten
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Martellus Bennett
  • Antonio Gates
  • Anthony Gonzalez
  • Greg Olsen
For any questions feel free to ask Chris Heil on twitter: @@thegrizzlybeard

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Seth Keysor
Oct 30 2013 02:47 PM

Man, it's basically the top 4... and then it doesn't really matter.

It sort of does matter. Most people are in 12/14 person fantasy leagues. To have a top 10 tight end is extremely helpful. The top 4 is almost doubling the bottom 6 but, I don't think they will stay at there current pace either.

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