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With the Texan-less bye week approaching, a few BRB staffers are here to weigh in on how the season’s fortunes have been altered – from major injuries on defense to a major talent injection on offense. With the Houston offense suddenly a juggernaut, up is down, down is up…but the bye week, as always, still sucks. For the bye, Texans PR should just follow Deshaun Watson around all week as he heals the sick, feeds the hungry, and brings political unity to the country.

Before the season started, I predicted your Houston Texans would start 3-4 before Deshaun Watson led them to an 8-1 finish. I further asserted that the Texans would win the AFC South and lose in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs to the Steelers.
Some things have changed since then.

Over the last three games, the Cowboys scored, 31, 30, and 28 points. That’s the third-highest total among all NFL teams over their last three games.
One could reasonably assume that the Cowboys will continue their high-scoring ways against the 49ers, but our panel of experts gathered below disagrees. Only one of the eight panelists below sees the Cowboys scoring more than 28 points.
Do you think the Cowboys will be able to score 30+ points on Sunday? And more importantly, given the outcome of their recent games, do you think that will be enough?

Pro Football Talk (Florio): Cowboys 30, 49ers 17
Once upon a time, these two teams ruled the conference. Now, one of them already is done — and the other one isn’t all that far behind.

For the first time since Marshawn Lynch joined the Raiders he welcomed his fellow Oakland native, great friend, and Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters to Oakland as an enemy on the field. Their time as players on the opposite side lasted less than 21 minutes.
At just before the 6-minute mark of the second quarter, Peters hit Derek Carr after the his forward progress had been stopped by Allen Bailey and was flagged for unnecessary roughness. Kelechi Osemele and Donald Penn took exception to it and came after Peters.
Lynch was not on the field for the play and came running off the sideline to try and break up the fight between his teammates and his friend. An official misread Marshawn’s intentions and grabbed him, causing Lynch to grab him back, at which point he was ejected.

It only takes glancing at one number on the stat sheet—the Oakland Raiders’ net yardage at 505—to realize that the defense was an obvious problem in the Chiefs’ 31-30 loss Thursday night.
Derek Carr with more than 400 passing yards. Amari Cooper with more than 200 receiving yards. Tight end Jared Cook, who had no more than 56 yards in any game this year prior to Thursday night, he went for 107.
So if you’re Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, what do you do?
“I think you look at it,” Reid said, simply. “Are you close? Do you have people close to receivers in the run game, close to the ball carrier, all those things you look at, and then you have to go, ‘OK I could have done something a little better here.’

“This is all play-calls. This is what play-callers do. ‘I could have done a little better here.

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