The 49ers are hoping to get back to the top of the NFC West. However, to do this, they will first need to dethrone the Seahawks.

The Seahawks have had the 49ers’ number since 2013. With the 49ers in a rebuilding mode and a change in culture, the Bay Area team is hoping for a change of the guard. Mostly, in their favor.

A look at the Seahawks’ Roster

The quarterback position is filled by pro bowler, Russell Wilson. The undersized field general is considered one of the top quarterbacks in the league. It’s not hard to see why as he continues to show his value with each season.

After a season of post-Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks signed Eddie Lacy as a replacement. Lacy not only can provide the same type of running style, but he’s getting healthier because of his contract clauses.

The receiving unit is something to be jealous of as a 49ers fan. Not only are they stacked with Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett at the position, but they also have a pro bowl tight end in Jimmy Graham. Their passing attack is something to be afraid of as an opposing defense.

The offensive line is lacking for the Seahawks. They struggle to keep Wilson from getting hit and fail at times to create running lanes for the running backs.

The front seven is a unit that holds many big names. Guys like Michael Bennett, Bobby Wagner, and Frank Clark are players that stand out amongst that group as serious All-Pros.

However, that unit at times gets forgotten with the Legion of Boom. Richard Sherman is arguably the best cornerback in the game right now, and the safety pair of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor is something that makes any quarterback afraid to pass it downfield.

Shanahan vs. Carroll

Both of these men are known for making mistakes in the big game. Shanahan is constantly reminded of his play calling near the end during Super Bowl LI.

Carroll has had two moments in which this had happened with the goal line stand in Super Bowl XLIX and the National Championship Game against Texas back during his time at USC.

Both are still bright individuals that can rally the team. Both create cultures based on familiarity with the players and coaches.

This rivalry won’t be like the Harbaugh vs. Carroll years, but it should still be fun to watch.

The 49ers’ Biggest Advantages over the Seahawks

The offensive line is something that helps the 49ers a great deal. Not only does the unit look as if they have a semblance of how to protect the quarterback, but they also can create running lanes for the backfield.

As for the running backs, there can be an argument made that Hyde is better than Lacy. Not only has Lacy had up and down campaigns rushing the ball, but Hyde is also healthier than Lacy. Mostly because Hyde has never needed a clause that makes sure he loses weight.

The 49ers’ Biggest Disadvantages to the Seahawks

The passing attack is something. Not only do the Seahawks understand who their quarterback of the future is, but they also have returning pro bowlers in the receiving group.

Lastly, the defense is much better than the 49ers’ defense. Yes, the 49ers have improved significantly in that department, but they’re nowhere near where the Seahawks are. Specifically, in the secondary.

Are the 49ers Better than the Seahawks?

Not even close. The Seahawks can expect another year of dominance in the NFC West.

However, the 49ers are on the right track to contending with the Seahawks again. Don’t be surprised if the 49ers sneak a victory over the Seahawks.