The situation with quarterbacks has been something of discussion in San Francisco the last few seasons. From the Alex Smith era to the rise and fall of Colin Kaepernick and even a short stint of Blaine Gabbert, the quarterback dilemma is something that needs a long-term answer.

Now with a new regime in, as well as a brand new philosophy, the team can finally get that answer at football’s most coveted position. However, this crop of quarterbacks may not be the ones that can do this.

Quarterback #1: Brian Hoyer

The Shanahan disciple and career journeyman find himself on the 49ers’ roster. Hoyer is currently labeled as the team’s starting quarterback, and will most likely remain this way until something crazy happens.

Hoyer is someone that is advocating the fact that he doesn’t want to be the backup for San Francisco. He is also the best fit in Shanahan’s system, because of his familiarity with the new head coach.

So, as of now, Hoyer will be the starter until further notice.

Quarterback #2: Matt Barkley

The former USC Trojan is finding himself in almost the same predicament as Hoyer. Not that he went from the Bears to the 49ers, but rather that he is beginning to become a journeyman as well.

Barkley’s time in the league hasn’t been an easy one, to say the least. He’s thrown just eight touchdowns to 18 interceptions in his four-year career. Not to mention that 14 of those interceptions happened in 2016 in a span of six games. In those six games, he went 1-5.

These are not numbers that will make fans feel comfortable if he has to go in when the starter gets hurt. However, fans can also stay confident that Shanahan can use his quarterback whispering methods to help the struggling Barkley.

Quarterback #3: CJ Beathard

The newest addition to the 49ers’ quarterback depth chart. The rookie from Iowa University is looking to end the confusion over why the team drafted him.

As Shanahan has stated in the past, Beathard fits his system very well. He is an intelligent and tough passer that knows how to win. His time in college reflects this, as well as his commitment to helping his team win games.

The pick of Beathard left many 49ers fans confused as to why they picked him over any other accomplished quarterback from the draft. However, people should be confident in Shanahan’s willingness to get someone that he feels this highly about.

Quarterback Situation

As of now, it seems as if Hoyer has the starting spot locked up. However, don’t be surprised by a surprising turn of events that could have one of the aforementioned field generals inserted as the team’s leader on offense.

Then again, if Shanahan’s experiment with these quarterbacks doesn’t work, then the team can draft a new one in the 2018 NFL Draft. Or, they can try their best at getting Kirk Cousins.