On August 8th, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be this season’s focus on Hard Knocks. If you’re unfamiliar with the HBO series, it chronicles an NFL team’s journey through training camp. You see the ups and downs, the emotional roster cuts, and the personalities of the team.

HBO isn’t the only one to do this, as Amazon also has a series called All or Nothing that is currently in its second season with the Los Angeles Rams.

Now, the 49ers are joining in with their version.

Brick by Brick: all access with the San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are releasing a series that will be featured on their team website and YouTube channel titled, Brick by Brick.

It will do the same as Hard Knocks but will be more catering to the fans of the 49ers. It will premiere on August 10th for all to view.

The trailer shows both general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan. They both give their opinions on how to run a team. This series will give fans the chance to see how the duo do this with behind-the-scenes footage.

Why you should watch this series

This will give the fans a better chance to accurately gauge their expectations on the 49ers. The fans have been given more opportunities to get more involved in the action. Brick by Brick is just another part where the team thinks more of the fans.

This series will be able to get the 49ers farther up into more people’s minds as they will eventually become the primary team of the Bay Area. As far as this goes, this is a better venture into social media for the 49ers than Levi’s Stadium.