The 2017 NFL Draft is growing closer with each day. Many are speculating that the 49ers will be using their number two overall pick on Stanford’s Solomon Thomas. However, reports are coming in that the team is willing to trade away their first round pick. It isn’t a bad move, like the ability to trade down and gain quantity in picks for a quality amount of players is enticing for any team. Meaning they will be able to make moves in helping in more positions than just one in the first round, especially when they can use the picks to not reach on a quarterback and a pass rusher.

Who would want to trade up for the 49ers’ pick in the top ten?

Bears: a team that would want all of the defensive help they can get, but they’re the pick right after. So that doesn’t make sense.

Jaguars: in prime position to get the pick that they want, which is Leonard Fournette.

Titans: want to trade back. So that wouldn’t make sense at all.

Jets: a wild card in the top ten. They could swing a trade at the 49ers, but they seem to be in a good position to get as much help on offense as possible. Same goes for the Bills, Bengals, and Panthers.

Chargers: the most likely team to go after the 49ers’ pick in the top ten. They want Malik Hooker, and they will fight tooth and nail against the Bears to not select Hooker.

Who would move up from picks 11-20?

Saints: need a pass rusher. Luckily, Solomon Thomas will be available for them if they trade for that number two spot.

Browns: will not trade up for the number two pick. They already have the number one. That would be too much Browns right there.

Cardinals: are looking for their quarterback for life after Palmer (LAP). So trading up that much doesn’t make sense in that good of a position.

Eagles: can make a move if they are desperate to improve that secondary.

Colts: don’t seem like a team that would trade up for the number two overall pick. They’re in a prime spot for one of the draft’s best running backs.

Ravens: need a pass rusher and a defensive back, but they also want more picks. So it seems as if it’s fifty-fifty with this team and moving up. Ozzie Newsome will know what to do though.

Redskins: no one knows what’s going on in Washington. I don’t even think they know. After what had happened to McCloughan, I will be praying for whoever they pick.

Titans (again): see the previous Titans statement above.

Buccaneers: they will be supplying Winston with all of the weapons he needs.

Broncos: this could be a serious trade partner for the 49ers. There’s familiarity between Lynch and the Shanahans and Elway. However, who would they get with the number two? That team is already stacked beside the quarterbacks and offensive line.

All of the picks after the Broncos are just too low to make the trade.

What would stop the 49ers from wanting to trade down?

Two words, Myles Garrett. That’s as simple as it gets. If Garrett is available, then the 49ers are green lighting the pick of the Texas A&M talent. That man will not go farther than the number two pick if he’s not number one.