On Thursday, police formally charged Reuben Foster with domestic violence from his February arrest. Police also charged him with an illegal firearm in his possession and forcefully preventing the victim from reporting a crime.

The 49ers have a serious decision to make about their 2017 first-round pick. After the charges and unsettling details coming out about Foster’s arrest, it’s clear that the 49ers need to make the right choice and cut him.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the team isn’t going to do that.

The 49ers statement on Foster’s arrest. David Lombardi/The Athletic

Instead of responding appropriately, the 49ers will “continue to follow this serious matter.” Despite the police having investigated this story for two months.

Yes, Foster is “under great scrutiny” in regards to him being a part of the 49ers franchise. But, they still say that his security with the team “will depend on what is learned through the legal process.”

There shouldn’t be a questioning process or an argument about this. It was not like Foster’s first arrest when he was in possession of marijuana in Alabama. Foster assaulted his live-in girlfriend so much that she has a ruptured eardrum and bruises on her body.

It’s not something that a player should get away without punishment. Nor does this look good for the league as domestic violence continues to be a severe issue in the NFL.

It wasn’t that long ago of the Ray Rice video or the gruesome journal from Josh Brown. It’s not even the first the 49ers have dealt with this issue either with the unfortunate memory of Ray McDonald.

The 49ers had the opportunity to be a model franchise of how teams should act in this situation. However, instead of deciding to cut someone after getting this report and all of the details, they chose to not do anything.

No reprimanding. No punishment. Not even a slap on the wrist. All the 49ers have done is telling Foster that he is on a short leash after all of this.

It’s the incorrect response to what has transpired. Even worse, it continues to show the disconnect the league has with the rest of us in regards to dealing with this matter.