As crazy as it might seem, the Seahawks might be trying to trade away their franchise player at defensive back. This has brought up many questions about where he would fit best and which teams need him most. As far as these rumors go, however, any team would be happy to have Sherman’s intense playing style and remarkable covering abilities. But, of all the teams that could make a move for him, the 49ers seem to be the best option for him on both sides, and here’s why the 49ers should make a deal with the division foes for Sherman.

Reason 1: We need help at the cornerback position

There’s not much to write home about the 49ers’ cornerback depth. Guys like Tramaine Brock, Keith Reaser, and Will Redmond aren’t necessarily number one cornerbacks, let alone number two options either. In fact, the cornerback depth has been so mediocre that we’ve had to convert safety, Jimmie Ward, to cornerback. Rashard Robinson is coming off of a pleasant rookie season that saw him take over the starting right cornerback position.

However, with all of that said, we still don’t don’t have a real number one option. That’s where Sherman comes in. He’s proven that he’s amongst the league’s elite at his position, and if Sherman gets you cornered, he will tell you all about it. He would make a great addition to the defense, and provide another big name to the defense.

Reason 2: He’s familiar with the defensive coordinator

The 49ers’ new defensive coordinator was a part of the Seahawks from 2011-2013 as the team’s defensive quality control coach. The same period as Sherman’s first three seasons in the league. The connection between Saleh and Sherman goes back, and with the 49ers’ theme of familiarity and setting up a team dynamic based on this idea, then it would be clear that this relationship would work.

Another bonus from this is that Saleh is using the same defensive scheme that the Seahawks run. The coverage is the same thing that Sherman has been playing with since the start of his career.

Reason 3: Sherman brings veteran leadership

Something that was lost on the 49ers during 2016 was how they had little to no veteran leadership on the field after Bowman’s injury. There’s a minuscule amount of players on that defense that are considered leaders after Bowman. Brooks is the oldest one on that defense he seems non-vocal at times, and with the departure of Bethea, the team has no one in the secondary. Eric Reid could take up the mantle. However, it seems unlikely as to how laid back he is.

Sherman is one of the many members of the Legion of Boom that created the tight-knit relationship amongst the Seahawks’ defense. He’s a natural born leader, and arguably the most vocal person in the NFL. He can bring a defense close together and has the attitude and personality of a leader.

Reason 4: Sherman isn’t injury-prone

Richard Sherman hasn’t missed a single game in his career. This is something that the defense needs after a multitude of injuries kept the team’s defense in the basement of the NFL. Players like Bowman, Arik Armstead, Reid, Ray Ray Armstrong, and many others found themselves out for the season, which crippled the defense immensely. With some consistency and sustainability of a key player, the defense should be able to maintain a semblance playing effort.

Reason 5: You can still build around Sherman

Sherman recently turned 29-years-old. However, he’s someone that a team can still build around. Sherman doesn’t just bring a culture with him, but he also brings talent. With the right players in the secondary around him, he can build up a defense that would be scary for opposing offenses.

Not to mention, he doesn’t even need a good number two option at cornerback. If you look at the cornerbacks that have been paired with Sherman, all of them have done little to nothing after leaving Seattle. Guys like Byron Maxwell and Brandon Browner have little to show after leaving the Seahawks. Robinson or Ward would be a great option for Sherman to be paired with, and either one could go to the nickel position. And if the team wanted to, they can draft a strong safety to create a Legion of Boom 2.o.

In Conclusion

This trade may seem pretty far-fetched. Many wouldn’t expect divisional rivals to make deals with each other. Especially when the player was considered enemy number one for a good period. However, as far as semantics go, this trade rumor is very real. Hopefully, something can happen to make this possibility a reality.