Things haven’t been going in San Francisco’s favor since leaving Candlestick Park. Ever since the 49ers made Levi’s Stadium their new home, everything has gone downhill.

From a team that was a regular in the playoffs to have a 2-14 2016 campaign. From one of the more talented rosters in the league to near the bottom of the barrel. However, the one thing that consistently comes up since moving to Levi’s Stadium is the emptiness of fans from the home field venue.

Fans don’t like the billion dollar stadium

You may have seen the pictures on social media of the vacancy in Levi’s Stadium. It’s not photoshopped; it’s reality.

And to be frank, it’s not worth the pricing as it’s one of the most expensive places to attend an NFL football game. In a recent study done by GoBankingRates, Levi’s Stadium is rated as the fifth most expensive place to attend a football game from their methodology.

Methodology: surveyed five costs of attending a football game at 31 National Football League stadiums: (1) average single-game ticket prices; (2) parking, (3) beer, (4) soft drink and (5) hot dog prices, as reported in the September 2016 Team Marketing Report. To find the cost of attending a game, GOBankingRates assumed two guests and calculated the total cost of two tickets, two hot dogs, two beers and one parking spot. 

They found that the cost for a full-game experience at a 49ers game costs $331. Something that factors into that is that the 49ers have the highest beer prices. Not to mention, parking is three times more expensive at Levi’s Stadium than it is at Hard Rock Stadium (Dolphins).

These are not things that are going to have fans keep coming back.

However, what’s possibly the worst part of it all is the seating arrangements. Fans hate the side of the stadium that has the sun beaming directly at them. However, fans are more
inclined to sit in the shaded areas.

What can the 49ers do to make Levi’s Stadium a better place for fans?

Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle has reported that the team,

have engaged an architecture firm to review short and long term options to ‘enhance the fan experience.’

She goes on to talk about the stadium while alluding to the change in culture and staff around the 49ers.

Turns out that a new head coach, a new general manager and a few promising players aren’t enough of a counterweight to expensive tickets, tough parking, terrible traffic and 91-degree heat on the blistering side of the stadium.

Obviously, doing something about the sun is a bit out of the element (unless you’re Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons). However, the team can look into lowering prices on tickets, beer, and parking to start. Not to mention, begin looking into constructing more shade for fans on the unshaded side of the stadium.

As for now, the franchise has a lot more pressing matters at hand. Like not going under .500.