The 49ers have made a big deal

After a busy free agency period for the 49ers, they have yet to stop improving. They have just made a trade to significantly improve the offensive line after acquiring center Jeremy Zuttah from the Ravens. The 30-year-old veteran is coming off of his first pro bowl season and looks to continue this in San Francisco.

What this trade means for the team

Zuttah isn’t only a pro bowl caliber player, but will also assist in providing stability to the center position. This is something that he’s known for from only having missed fourteen games after eight seasons in the league. It’s something that the 49ers haven’t had much success in with the many injury concerns at center over the years. Players like Daniel Kilgore and Marcus Martin were injury problems during almost all of the 2016 season, and once they were brought out to start, they couldn’t cut it. This is why Martin was given his recent release from the team, and why Kilgore has mainly been relegated to being a backup.

The only catch for the 49ers from this trade is that they had to swap sixth-round picks in exchange for this to go through. 49ers fans will also remember that the last time the team made an exchange with the Ravens involving giving up their sixth-round pick was when they received veteran receiver, Anquan Boldin. That trade worked out marvelously, as the team went on to make multiple runs to the playoffs and Boldin experienced productive seasons with the team. With Zuttah’s strong play and the 49ers offense looking to produce with Shanahan calling the shots, it’ll be fun to watch this to work next season.