Vita Vea, DT, Washington

Draftek (Longball), Feb 14
“Listen to the masses who clamor for the massives!” – The Outhouse Poet strikes again! When looking up at the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles (painful to see those 5 words together), one has to notice that they finished #1 in run defense, allowing only 80.8 yards per game. In comparison, your Dallas Cowboys finished #8, allowing 104.0 yards per game. This would appear to be a role reversal from 2016, where Dallas finished #1, allowing 83.7 yards per game and Philly finished middle of the pack, allowing 103.2 yards per game. However, further analysis reveals that in the last 3 games, Dallas only allowed 89.3 yard per game (Philly 89.7) which would seem to indicate how much the Cowboys missed Sean Lee.


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