Last Year
Just like the safety position, the defensive line is led by a 5-star recruit entering his senior year. However, unlike the safety position, Andrew Brown has not yet proven himself to be worthy of that high rating.
Or has he?
Last year, Brown finished as the Virginia leader in tackles for losses last year with 13. He was second in sacks with six (behind Micah Kiser with 6.5), and he was actually tied for 65th in the nation in TFLs. Those are pretty good numbers, especially when you consider that, as a unit, the Hoos were 81st in the nation in TFLs and 94th in total defense. The defense was simply not good, but Andrew Brown was actually pretty good.
In a 3-4 defense, the defensive ends are mostly just around to occupy blockers. The linebackers are the ones making plays; any plays from a DE tend to be icing on the cake.