How much change will Goff show from Year 1 to Year 2?

Change of pace or more of the same?

Jared Goff is the Los Angeles Rams’ future, whether you (or Eric Dickerson) like it or not. So, for the sake of the team’s future win-loss record, let’s hope the “Goff is improving” reports reign true.

Last season was the worst it could have gone for the rookie from Cal. He was 0-7 as a starter. He also had the worst passer rating and one of the lowest completion ratings. For the sake of time, just know that in 2016, Goff was terrible.

Fast forward through a coaching change, and we have ourselves a new hope. Sean Mcvay, while barely over 30, he is heralded as an offensive genius. He helped develop Washington’s offense into a force, ranking them sixth in overall offense last year. With the Rams, he has a bigger task: making Goff and the offense competent.

Added bonus: Goff has three coaches with credible experience to nurture him. In 2016, he had Jeff Fisher, Rob Boras, Chris Weinke, and a sprinkling of Jeff Garcia. Outside of Weinke, there wasn’t much to learn from.

Now, he has McVay, Matt LaFleur (Falcons quarterbacks coach) and Greg Olson (Jaguars offensive coordinator). All have experience. All are not named Jeff Fisher, so the positives are everywhere with this group.

Goff said he’s able to digest the playbook better this year. McVay and even Todd Gurley have said that Goff is getting better. But that’s improvement against guys in gym shorts. The real test will come once Goff steps onto the field against live reps.

Mannion waits, for now

Dickerson started a lame quarterback “controversy”, if you even want to call it that, when he endorsed Sean Mannion as the starting quarterback. His reasoning? He saw Mannion throw the ball at practice that one time.


Mannion showed talent in the preseason games last year. So you cannot say he doesn’t have some talent and potential. But he is not the future. He was a third-round draft pick under Jeff Fisher. The whole, “he was drafted for a reason”, rhetoric is moot.

Should Goff be unable to apply what he’s learned this off-season? Then Mannion will get the change to takeover. Until then, he will sit down. I advise the Mannion-over-Goff fans to do the same.

Dan Orvlosky is here

Yeah, there’s that. Here’s a gif of Dan’s most memorable play.

Terrific stuff. If Orvlosky makes the final 53-man roster, I will sign him off the waivers and start him Week One in the fantasy league I care about.

Tim Godfrey is a writer for Pro Football Spot’s Los Angeles Rams, to read more articles from Tim click here.