Jay “J-Train” Ajayi missed a full two weeks of team drills. But, good news came from head coach Adam Gase today. Gase informed the media that Ajayi is no longer on under concussion protocol. Gase stated the reason for Ajayi long time on the protocol was due to dehydration symptoms being exhibited by Ajayi at a recent practice. Those symptoms mimicked the symptoms of a concussion. Due to the symptoms, the Dolphins wanted to make sure Ajayi was 100% to return.

Not only did Ajayi miss two full weeks of team drills, he also missed the first preseason game. Ajayi missing the first preseason game shouldn’t raise any alarms for concern though. Most teams only play their starters for a drive or two on the field; or they don’t even play them at all. So as stated before, not much worry there if that was the only game Ajayi misses.

Ajayi has proven he is an important piece to the Dolphins offense. He had back-to-back 200 plus yard rushing games. That accomplishment made him the fourth ever running back to do so. But Ajayi didn’t stop there, he added another 200 plus rushing yard game. Ajayi finished the year with 1272 rushing yards and finished ranked 11th among running back.