Jay Ajayi

The Miami Dolphins are going to be limiting running back Jay Ajayi on third down. Miami is trying to go with a new approach that could be beneficial to them.

Ajayi has been battling an injury to his knee and has been questionable for two weeks now. He has not looked great in 2017 so far. Ajayi only has one 100 yard plus rushing game, and has struggled over the past two weeks. To be fair the Dolphins offense as a whole as struggled over the past two weeks. Which has been a huge part of the reason why Ajayi has been disappointing to fantasy owners as of late.

Dolphins’ offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen stated “It gives us a chance to breathe Jay.” Even though, Ajayi has lost that down of workload, it wont be much of a threat to his numbers. The Dolphins will more than likely use Williams or Drake as the pass catching running back.


Ajayi is a top 10 running back, when the passing game is relevant. Although, he has only played three games he has struggled against some pretty bad defenses. With Miami’s passing game struggling, teams are going to start locking in on Ajayi more. This could be detrimental to the Dolphins as a whole on offense, but fantasy owners need to be cautious with Ajayi moving forward.