Since the departure of Calvin Johnson, the Detroit Lions have been in need of another wide receiver to help Golden Tate and Marvin Jones. To help, Detroit selected Kenny Golladay with their third round pick in 2017. He came to training camp to make his mark, and that is exactly what he is doing.

Golladay has shown that he is a big threat in the red zone, literally, at 6-4 and over 210 pounds. In a recent practice, quarterback Matthew Stafford threw to Golladay three times in the red zone, and all three went for six points. Two of those passes were well defended, one by veteran cornerback Nevin Lawson.

Lawson was so impressed, he stated “I think he’s (Golladay) going to be a beast. He’s still a rookie, he has a lot to learn, but one thing you can’t teach that he has is just going and attacking that ball. (On that TD he scored against me), it was just the release that he did, and him being able to go and get that ball. He’s just so good at going and attacking that ball.”

The evidence is mounting that Golladay is ready to contribute immediately alongside Tate and Jones. And that’s especially true in the red zone, where Detroit scored a touchdown just 54.2 percent of the time last year. Golladay may not return large fantasy value as the Lions’ No. 3 receiver, but he should play an important role on offense, especially in the red zone.