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When the Buccaneers were announced as this year’s Hard Knocks team, the entire fan-base got a little excited, and a little nervous.

Teams who have been featured in the past haven’t had the best regular season track record, and fans of the Buccaneers are hoping 2017 will be one of the exceptions.

I don’t think anyone however, had any doubt about the entertainment value this team could provide.

The natural characters on the team coupled with HBO’s top-notch production strategy, means this season should become a favorite of all Bucs fans rather quickly.

I for one won’t be erasing it off my DVR anytime soon.

Just how entertaining can the 2017 Buccaneers be though?

Recently, released a video showcasing their Top-5 moments in Hard Knocks history up to this point.

Let’s look at the list.


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