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Pro Football Spot Headlines

2014 NFL Offseason: Kyle Orton Has No Plan to Retire

While all of the speculation about Kyle Orton retiring was flying around, apparently the thought of retirement was never on his mind at all.

What Sidney Rice Could Have Been (And Still Could Be)

Sidney Rice's retirement is a sad end to a promising career, but could reveal a trend of players getting out while they can.

PFS Guide to 2014 Indianapolis Colts Training Camp

Find out all you need to know about Indianapolis Colts Training Camp 2014 right here. Photo -

Best of Peyton Manning: 2004 Colts vs 2013 Broncos (ATS)

Did Peyton Manning enjoy his most spectacular season with the 2004 Indianapolis Colts or 2013 Denver Broncos? This Around the SPOT panel features three Colts fans / team writers...

Steelers Training Camp Battles: Defensive Backs

Safety Will Allen was re-signed this offseason to give Pittsburgh a veteran presence off the bench in the secondary.

2014 Fantasy Football: 3 Kansas City Chiefs to Draft

In 2013 the Kansas City Chiefs were run by Jamaal Charles. With some turnover in the offseason, which players do you want on your team?

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