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As the Detroit Lions and New York Giants were starting to close their first of three joint practices, everything came to a sudden halt. Lions center Graham Glasgow was on the ground and stayed there for a minute or two.
On the play, Frank Ragnow was burned by a spin move to the inside, resulting in a several player pileup in front of Matthew Stafford during a two-minute drill.
Eventually, Glasgow was able to walk to the sidelines under his own power. A few minutes later, he walked around the field and into the locker room, again, with no help from the trainer, but with a significant limp.
The Lions brought in Wesley Johnson, who has consistently been the team’s No. 2 center in practice, to take Glasgow’s spot at center during the final few snaps of practice for the first-team offense.

It’s not a cliché when people say that quarterback is the most difficult position in sports.
Quarterbacks spend hours studying the fronts, coverage and personnel of a team so that they are prepared for every possible scenario they possibly can for their next opponent.
Then, 30-plus times a game, after gathering as much information as they can to help them, they have to be able to call the play, line the offense up correctly (sometimes with shifts and motions), identify the look of the defense, set the protection, potentially change the play, snap the ball in time, identify the blitz and know if it holds up to the protection, identify the coverage, go through the progression based on said coverage, make the right drop for the route they want to throw and deliver the ball on time and with accuracy, all in about 45 seconds.

When you are selected in the seventh round of the draft, the odds are not overwhelmingly favorable that you will make an NFL team. Since 2014, the Dallas Cowboys have had a dozen seventh-round picks and the only players still on the roster are Geoff Swaim, Noah Brown, and this year’s selection, Bo Scarbrough. It’s an uphill battle for these guys drafted late and that is what the Alabama running back faces this year if he is to secure one of the last spots on the roster.
Scarbrough didn’t have amazing numbers during his three years in college, but a lot of that was a result of how he was used (committee approach). His freshmen year, he was stuck behind Heisman winner Derrick Henry, who rushed for over 2,000 yards that season and is now the lead running back for the Tennessee Titans.

On Monday, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers expressed his desire and expectation to play in the second preseason game of the 2018 exhibition season. On Tuesday, his head coach followed those comments up with more comments that indicate that QB1 will indeed take the field this week.
Mike McCarthy took questions from the media on Tuesday morning and indicated that all four quarterbacks on the Packers’ roster could get some playing time against the Pittsburgh Steelers this week. “The goal is to play Aaron on Thursday,” McCarthy said, before hedghing just a bit on that commitment. “We’ve got to see,” he said; “the coordination of every rep we achieve on the practice field, whether it’s an individual drill (or) combination drill, you factor all those things in the training of your football team.

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