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There’s no NFL coach who fell further from grace over the last 365 days than Ben McAdoo.
This sentence is real, despite John Fox existing, because McAdoo ran the New York Giants into oblivion last season, going 2-10 before he was ultimately fired in December.
It wasn’t just that McAdoo was bad. He literally ruined the only solid thing that the Giants organization had going for it in Eli Manning’s consecutive starts streak. It would be like if you let Ben McAdoo live with you and all he did was destroy your house and your most prized possession. No big deal.
McAdoo spoke to the New York Post’s Paul Schwartz and his comments have, well they haven’t been well-received. He called out basically everyone and in a surprising turn of events Giants, Eagles, Redskins, and Cowboys fans are all united against him.

If there is one position on the Indianapolis Colts roster that needs an instant big-play option, it’s the receiver corps. There are a few, but with T.Y. Hilton being the only receiver with any extended NFL experience the team badly needs a breakout pass-catcher within this receiver group in addition to Hilton.
The team has a total of 68 receptions from the 2017 season (Rogers: 23, Grant: 45) from their current receiving unit to complement Hilton, and a couple of rookies looking to make a name for themselves. Deon Cain is one of them.
You can make the argument that Eric Ebron and maybe a piece like Nyheim Hines — who can, both, move around within packages — will help the receivers. But that can’t be relied upon without some capable receivers to force teams to gameplan for them, or at the very least to draw continual coverage.

The offseason is almost over as training camps are set to begin across the league over the next couple of weeks. Since the Ravens have five preseason games, they will be eligible to start camp earlier than a majority of teams.
The Ravens’ training camp is set to begin on July 19th, and there are indeed a ton of questions, but none more significant than will their playoff draught stretch to four years, or can they snap the streak?
In 2015, they battled several critical injuries that seemingly halted the season and led to the team finishing 5-11. The next two seasons ended in heartbreak. It started with the ‘Immaculate Extension’ in 2016 that knocked Baltimore out of playoff contention in week 16.

The Dallas Cowboys love stealing talent in the second round of the NFL Draft. For the last several years, they’ve put on their fancy pants and attempted to land a star talent at a discount draft price. In 2014, they got on the phone to secure one of the top picks in the second round when they saw DeMarcus Lawrence slide into Day 2. Smart move. In 2016, they rolled the dice on Jaylon Smith after he suffered a gruesome injury that threatened his football career. While the jury is still out, that decision is also looking more favorable with each new day. And over the last two drafts, the team has watched as a talented first-round level talent fell into their laps in round two. In fact, they loved Connor Williams so much that they passed up an opportunity to trade that pick to Seattle in order to get Earl Thomas.
But then there’s Randy Gregory.

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