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For most New Orleans Saints fans, "LA" means home; the state of Louisiana. But this Sunday their eyes will be focused on the other L.A., Los Angeles, California, as the Saints make a preseason West Coast swing to face...
The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their second preseason game. The Jaguars will play their first home preseason game in Everbank tonight after last week's away victory against the New England Patriots. Most of Jacksonville's starters...

In the comments, please use this article as your opportunity to submit ideas for the Cleveland Browns 2017 season.
This tradition is largely just for fun, and will become completely irrelevant when the Cleveland Browns stop being……well, the Cleveland Browns.
Some early contenders:
owner Jimmy Haslam indicted
Regular season Browns tickets on Groupon
Fan protests/parades announced
“Superfan” quits the team
Completely preventable PR disaster occurs
Colin Kaepernick starts a game for the Browns
Street Quarterback starts a game for the Browns
Josh Gordon reinstated
Josh Gordon suspended again
Fan favorite player traded

Here is the 2016 Board, for future reference.

Jay Cutler will make his debut with the Dolphins Thursday. The Dolphins quarterback will be hitting the field for the first time since November 20, 2016. Culter will play for at least one quarter, although it is not clear if...
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